Property Transactions

We provide a full service based on extensive experience in the folowing areas:

  • Buying /Selling a house
  • Buying /Selling a site
  • Buying /Selling an apartment
  • Buying/Selling a Commercial or Farmland Property

Our Services also includes:

  • Mortgages – First Time or Top Up or Change over to a new lending institution
  • Leases- including long term, commercial and short term lettings.
  • Rectification of Title Problems- i.e. Bringing Titles up to date, boundary Issues and Rights of Way.

Our services include fulll examination and assessment of all title and contractual matters, planning, stamp duties and Tax consideration, law searches and registration.

At Geraghty & Co., Solicitors we  have extensive experience in dealing with property transactions.  If you have any query in respect of a property transaction or any other legal matter of which we can be of assistance, please contact us herein by phone on 091-565258 or email us at or use the ‘Contact Us’  section of the website.