Estate & Probate

From the taking of your instructions through the drafting and executing of your Will and on to the taking out of Grants of Probate or Letters of Administration, our experienced team will be on hand to assist. We will also be there to advise you on taxation matters in relation to your Will.

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Extensive Wills Services

Our experienced team will advise you on all aspects in relation to the drafting of your Will. We also advise and draft Trusts, including those for the protection of minors, persons with a disability or with addiction issues.

We provide an efficient and comprehensive service on estate planning and on dealing with assets in a tax-efficient manner.

We understand that when deal with the administration of the estate, people are often also dealing with passing of a loved one. This can be a very emotionally challenging and stressful time.  Our team will assist personal representatives by guiding them in administering the estate in a timely and efficient manner.  We help them to identifying all relevant assets and liabilities, deal with financial institutions and advise them on all the relevant tax liabilities

We have vast experience also in the area of Wills disputes, Wards of Court applications and all other associated matters.

We also advise on and draft Enduring Powers of Attorneys for clients and advise on the role of attorneys and the implementation of the instrument in cases where the donor loses mental capacity.


  • Drafting of Wills
  • Drafting of Trusts
  • Estate Planning, including tax advise
  • Advising of the Legislative provisions in relation to spouse and children
  • Probate & Administration of Estates (testate or intestate)
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Enduring Powers of Attorney
  • Wards of Court applications.
  • Reorganisation and Transfer of family business
  • Contentious Trust and Probate issues, to include Section 117 applications
  • Advising beneficiaries and family members on Succession Rights

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At Geraghty & Co., Solicitors LLP we have extensive experience in dealing with Court appearances at all levels.

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