Conveyancing is the transfer of ownership or interest in real property from one person to another by a document, such as a deed, lease, or mortgage. It involves the buying, selling or mortgaging any type of property be it houses, sites, farms, apartments, shops, industrial buildings, etc.

Our firm has been involved in all types of conveyancing matters for in excess of 50 years and thus we have experienced conveyancers who investigate in detail, contracts and title documents. The Geraghty & Co. mantra is “The day you buy is the day you sell”, in other words, if all is not in order when you purchase the property, you will experience the exact same problems and difficulties when endeavouring to sell.

When Purchasing Property:

When purchasing property, we advise you to contact us before paying over a booking deposit to your auctioneer. We strongly encourage our client to engage in a property surveyor such as an engineer or an architect, before any deposit is paid over.The property surveyor will establish if the property is structurally sound, all systems are working and such matters as dampness, dry rot, leaks, etc. The surveyor should also confirm if the boundaries on the ground correspond to the mapping boundaries.

When acting for the purchaser, it is the contract and its conditions in detail which should be examined in detail as these generally favour the vendor. Such conditions need to be brought to the attention of the purchaser of the property and if necessary, insist on them being amended by the vendor. It may also be necessary to insert conditions to deal with the purchaser’s requirements such as loan approval conditions.

It is important that the title being purchased would be free of mortgages, planning problems, judgements, rights of way and various other burdens.

Before the contracts are executed and a legally binding agreement exists, we recommend that the purchaser would have his financial affairs in order, in particular that a letter of loan approval from a bank /financial institution for the purchase money is in place and that the conditions of the loan approval are reasonable. It is also important to be aware of stamp duty implications before executing contracts.

We can then guide you through all aspects of your purchase ensuring that you are fully informed and obtain the quality of service you expect throughout.

Selling Property:

When selling a property, we will take up your Title Deeds from the relevant lending institution and examine the said deeds in order to draft the relevant contract for sale. If there are any problems with title we will use of knowledge and experience to rectify same and ensure the transaction goes ahead.

We will deal with any queries which arise along the process of conveying your legal interest to the purchaser, including planning and family home issues. We will liaise with the estate agent and deal with the collection of the sale monies and the redemption of any mortgage on the property.

Finally we can advise you in relation to your Capital Gains Tax liability and make Capital Gains Tax returns to the Revenue Commissioners on your behalf should same be applicable.


People re-mortgage their property is order to avail of more favourable terms, to consolidate existing loans, to finance property extensions and/ or improvements or to release equity from a property for a number of reasons

If you are re-mortgaging, we will liaise with your lending institution, examine the legal title, arrange for you to sign the relevant loan offer and stamp and register the legal documentation. We will ensure that you obtain your loan proceeds in the shortest possible time.