Collaborative Law

In Collaborative Law we have an innovative approach to settling family law disputes. Collaborative family law is a new family law initiative aimed at resolving family law disputes in an amicable and dignified fashion. It involves solicitors and clients meeting in a four way situation, trying to make positive steps towards settling their disputes without resorting to hostile court battles. Collaborative law aims to allow all parties to maintain dignity and reduce negative impacts of family law disputes on children. It uses the help of trained mediators, accountants and other professionals to come to a solution which would best meet the needs of all parties.

The Collaborative Law process takes place outside the Court setting. Each party retains his or her own trained Collaborative Lawyer to advise and assist in negotiating an Agreement on all issues which are pertinent to marriage breakdown.

If either party chooses or decides to proceed to Court, then the Collaborative process ends. Both Collaborative Lawyers are then disqualified from the process and can no longer act for either party.

At Geraghty & Co., Solicitors we have a number of practitioners who are fully trained collaborative professionals. We have extensive experience in dealing with all areas of family law and we always endeavor to deal with these matters in a professional, sensitive and efficient manner.   If you have any query in respect of collaborative law or any other legal matter of which we can be of assistance, please contact us herein by phone on 091-565258 or email us or use the ‘Contact Us’  section of the website.